If you have the opportunity to study remotely, you can combine it with travel and recreation. The beautiful city of Alicante can inspire new professional achievements and replenish the resource. In Alicante, you will find many comfortable places where your concentration on your studies cannot be interrupted. Read the article to learn about the best spaces for studying in Alicante and save time for searching.

Study spaces available in Alicante

To determine the ideal place to study in the city, you first need to evaluate the budget of the trip and its duration. A quiet cafe is perfect for short-term study sessions; also, you can have a meal simultaneously. Various coworking spaces offer the opportunity to get a living-in study space where you won’t be disturbed. However, this is an expensive pleasure. Libraries are still a stronghold of knowledge for students and are great for studying.
Sensibly evaluate the volume of the upcoming study session and the schedule of the establishments so as not to interrupt the work spontaneously. It is also better to check availability, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi access beforehand.
To competently combine study with entertainment in Alicante and do more – think about the services of cheap car hire Alicante. By renting a vehicle, you can even listen to an audio course or podcast on the road, as long as it is not interfering with driving.
When travelling with colleagues or family, it is better to hire a 9 seater car to have plenty of space and not get separated along the way. Find a good car hire Alicante airport 9 seater options when planning your trip to save some money.

Cafe as a space for study

The cafe will allow you to spend your study time pleasantly without being distracted by grocery shopping and cooking. However, it is worth considering that any cafe can be too noisy. Considering the hot temperament of the emotional Spaniards, there is no doubt about it. Think about how to solve this problem to avoid difficulties with concentration.
Headphones or earplugs are fine if you study something individually or listen to a lecture. At the same time, the cafe is not suitable for online seminars and conferences that require your active participation. Below is a list of cosy establishments where you can study productively, though some are closed on weekends and require a purchase to stay at a table for a long time.

Santander Work Cafe

After registering at the entrance, you find yourself in the warm atmosphere of this work and study space, which is conducive to the new information assimilation. The cafe is designed for work, so there is quiet, except for the conference rooms. Pastime in the establishment is gratis, and the cafeteria offers a large selection of delicious dishes.

Pynchon & Co

A cute book coffee shop will delight you with free Wi-Fi and delicious cakes. The atmosphere is peaceful, and there is a cosy courtyard. The cafe is quiet because it is customary to read books with coffee. Literary evenings sometimes hold here, so check the schedule to plan your study session.

Madness Specialty Coffee

The comfy cafe offers delicious coffee, a fascinating interior, and plenty of personal space for you and the granite of science. Delicious croissants can be a perfect reward for the study material covered.

Coworking spaces in Alicante

Coworking can solve your accommodation problem, save time on travel and guarantee an atmosphere for productive study. Coworking will provide you with good internet, ever-present sockets, and competent soundproofing. You can arrange an offline seminar or a thematic meeting in the conference room. Coworking spaces that can inspire study include:

  • ULab,
  • Elche Coworking,
  • Terretup,
  • Coalte,
  • Hubitat Mutxamel,
  • Simple Social Hub,
  • LKL18.

Libraries in Alicante

In the days when coworking spaces were not popular, and the average student couldn’t afford to buy food every time to stay in a cafe to study, there were crowds in the libraries. With the increase in the comfort of life and the possibilities of digital learning, reading rooms have become less popular for working with information. However, the opportunity to study productively for free in a quiet place has remained in many libraries, and Alicante is no exception.

Biblioteca Publica Azorín

The Azorín Public Library provides quiet study space and even has meeting rooms by reservation. There are several public computers and free Wi-Fi (but only with a reader card).

Biblioteca Central Florida-Babel

The Florida-Babel Library offers free places to study, interlibrary loans, and a variety of literary events. Be sure to check the opening hours of the reading rooms so you are not arriving during a noisy meeting. Please note that visit times change during summer.


Alicante is a bustling and lively place, but you will find many places to escape the city bustle for the sake of knowledge. There are many establishments for productive study for every taste and budget. Remember that the right combination of work and leisure – is the prevention of burnout. So be sure to take the time to take a break and enjoy Alicante’s sights.

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